The Rites Of Sausage – out now for free download!

The new album “The Rites Of Sausage” has been released on Ergo Phizmiz extraordinary netlabel “chinstrap records”.

Collaborations: Roglok, Satanicpornocultshop and Ergo Phizmiz.

cover: La Roll

You can download it as mp3 or as FLAC.





I have been inactive since a while but i still had time to make music.

Coming soon on Sir Ergo Phizmiz’ netlabel CHINSTRAP RECORDS

Vernon LeNoir – “The Rites Of Sausage”:


Vernon LeNoir is featured on a track on SATANICPORNOCULTSHOP’s new Album:

Houses Made Out Of Stolen Bricks

This is a compilation of tracks that I sampled for my own music.


01 Gato Barbieri – picture in the rain.mp3
02 Hikaru Hayashi – l’île nue.mp3
03 Diana Krall – Temptation.mp3
04 Blind Willie Johnson – You’ll Need Somebody On Your Bond.mp3
05 Akira Ifukube – The P1 And Jupiter.mp3
06 Cal Tjader – what the world needs now is love.mp3
07 Marian Mexicanul – Ce face banul din om.mp3
08 Roy Black – Ganz in Weiss.mp3
09 De Savoya Combo – Evie.mp3
10 Russ Garcia – painting the town blue.mp3
11 Pilita – there goes my love.mp3
12 Tak Shindo – The Song Of Delilah.mp3
13 Jaques Brel – la chanson des vieux amants.mp3
14 Robert Johnson – Me And The Devil Blues.mp3
15 Toru Arima – gen roku hana mi odo ri.mp3
16 Nun-Plus – listen to your people.mp3
17 Les Baxter – Pool of Love.mp3
18 Hajime Kaburagi – tokyo drifter main theme.mp3
19 Mike Oldfield – etude.mp3
20 Himzo Polovina – Cudna Jada Od Mostara Grada.mp3

(the track quality is mixed, handle with care.)

DOWNLOAD the compilation for free:

New Adventures and Remixes Of Vernon LeNoir

PRT007 :: New Adventures & Remixes of VERNON LENOIR

As its first double album, ProOt Records presents :

New Adventures of Vernon LeNoir


After 2 years of silence, Vernon LeNoir returns with a new album. Inspired by intense meditation in the Prometheus monastery in the caucasian mountains, a pilgrimage along the paths of St. George and a shaman ritual in Siberia he returns with the concept of faith : defined in syncopatic chants, transcribed to western notation and substituted by fragments of popular music.
Because in early Coptic churches each breath represents an adventure of the soul – here come the “New Adventures Of Vernon LeNoir”.


New Remixes of Vernon LeNoir


But there is more : alongside LeNoir’s new album, there is an extra EP with remixes by artists he adores and worships every second and who, with their music, bring joy into our lives just like Prometheus brought fire to man.
These Artists are : Ergo PhizmizOkapiTepEnd.SatanicpornocultshopThiaz Itch.


New Adventures Tracklist :

  1. Dao Zombie
  2. Mike’s Old Field Of Kills
  3. Valory Dean
  4. Pilav
  5. I Got Rythm
  6. Vinnie’s Pawnshop
  7. Roman Agents With Fake Beards
  8. Symeon Of The Desert
  9. Fox & Geese
  10. B For Break
  11. Guide To Communication With Plants
  12. Melangerie
  13. Djordje I Zmija
  14. The Couch
  15. Edo
  16. Medication Twins In 2 Different Bottles
  17. Day Of The Demon
  18. The Mammal Interpreter
  19. Cudna Jada Od Mostara Grada
  20. The Ghost Of Jean Rollin
  21. Trailershow
  22. Melancholsko Kolo

New Remixes Tracklist :

  1. Ergo Phizmiz – Simian Skylights March
  2. Okapi – Mammal Interpreter (ituri-mix)
  3. Tep – Cudna Radost Tuzno
  4. End. – I Got Rythm
  5. Satanicpornocultshop – Edo
  6. Thiaz Itch – Fox & Geese

::: download double album and artwork :::
| OGG 350k <<

>> listen Adventures | listen Remixes (m3u playlists) <<

All tracks and artwork by Vernon LeNoir
Mastering by Thiaz Itch

I Got Rhythm.

This is the blog to my soon to be released new album on Proot Records

I invite you to post as much comments as your mum allows you to.

We hope to release it ASAP, maybe even for Xmas. To show you my good will, I will release you here one exclusive track:

I got Rhythm

Something Wicked…

… this way comes. Soon.